Friday, November 25, 2011

Civil War Footballitics

In an incredible coincidence of timing, the largest OUS event of the year, the UO-OSU civil war football game, falls right in the middle of the most controversial OUS action of the last decade. Since the game is in Eugene, this serendipity obviously must be capitalized upon.

Here are a few thoughts:

  • Wear "I/We Love Our Pres" t-shirts. Easiest solution is to quickly modify an "I Love My Ducks" t-shirt. "I Stand with the Hat" t-shirts are an excellent choice for new printing.
  • Wear fedoras. Apparently the hunt is on to find a large stock of yellow fedoras. Good luck to those hearty souls.
  • Signs reading "We Love Our Pres", "I Stand with the Hat", and "Keep Lariviere!"
  • Look for opportunities to reach out to the Beaver Believers. This is not about the UO, but an attack on the commitment to excellence in higher education across the state. OSU also suffers from this action and one hopes that they will stand with the UO on this.
  • When the time comes to show your support for the President -- and it will most assuredly come in a very public way -- then go nuts. A chant at that point will be appropriate, but it must be very simple for 50,000 people to simultaneously participate in. Perhaps "Ri -- chard" will suffice.
There is a men's basketball game at Matt Court on Tuesday night. Standby for potential action there as well.

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