Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Statutory Faculty meeting

There will be a statutory faculty meeting Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 in Mac Court. Faculty should plan to arrive by 2:45 so that they can check in for voting purposes. For procedural reasons the meeting actually officially begins with a University Senate meeting at 3pm, followed by the broader meeting at 3:10.

Live coverage of the meeting will be provided by the UO Channel here.

The entire university community is invited to attend. It is likely that motions will be entered in support of President Lariviere, in support of establishing a separate oversight board (independent from the OUS) for the UO, and perhaps a motion calling for an evaluation of the renewal of Chancellor Pernsteiner's contract, which must be decided upon by December 31.

Pernsteiner himself will be in attendance, as will a representative of the board. This is an important opportunity to move the university ahead on a positive path forward.

1 comment:

  1. There are suggestions that we greet the Chancellor and OUS board with silence so deep that you can hear a pin drop. With a sign saying "Eat Our Silence" This reminded me the video of UC Davis Chancellor's silent walk of shame. I think OUS chancellor is more deserving of such a walk.