Thursday, November 24, 2011

Occupy OUS Monday

It appears that the Monday meeting by the State Board of Higher Education in Portland has been set for 3:00 pm Monday in PSU's Academic & Student Recreation Center, Suite 515 (1800 SW 6th Avenue, Portland). The meeting will public in the sense that the public can attend, but it is unlikely that the general public will be given an opportunity to participate. UO Senate President Robert Kyr will be allowed to speak. General civil disobedience at the meeting itself is probably not a great idea, although strong attendance is encouraged.

There is a large plaza right next to this building (Urban Center Plaza - Google Map). If a spontaneous group of individuals were to peaceably gather at, say 1:30, at this location in anticipation of the 3:00 pm meeting, that would seem to be a great opportunity to show your support, chant some slogans, wear your duck gear, and drink some Seattle's Best coffee (it is a very civilized protest site).

This would be a great opportunity for Portland area UO alums to participate and share their support. Students in Portland for the Thanksgiving holiday might think about lingering for an extra afternoon. Rumor has it that a large contingent of faculty will be car pooling up for the meeting.

If people start Tweeting up the Monday rally (#weloveourpres & #KeepLariviere), then we can make it happen -- spontaneously, with lots of energy and minimal organization.


  1. What if you made a giant O in the plaza? Add meaning to the message.

  2. I suggest that those you can make large printed signs or banners with important facts/messages to display at the event - its a great mass-communication opportunity to get our side of story out to the public while so much media attention is given to the event. Misinformation about UO budget and money matters has cost us some public support. Its critical to wave an image war successfully.