Saturday, November 26, 2011

OUS Ethics Violation Complaint Filed

UO Matters outlines an Oregon Government Ethics Commission complaint that is being filed by more than 50 UO faculty members. The gist of the argument is that the State Board of Higher Education decided to fire President Lariviere in a closed meeting (via phone calls) and have in fact been proceeding as though that is already a done deal, whereas they are required by law to discuss on vote on the situation in a public meeting. Local folks recall the trouble some Lane County Commissioners got into for similar behavior.

Word has it that things may get ugly for the Governor as well, as a group of legislators is very unhappy with this action. The Governor is still above it all at this point, so everyone can save face by a reversal at Monday's meeting. We all need to get along for just seven more months until Senate Bill 909 kicks in. We can do this for the sake of the children of Oregon.

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